Welcome to the Game Asset Library, an extensive online resource for game and visual effects developers.

The Games Industry has undergone huge changes in the last few years, with more and more developers using completely free game development software tools such as Unity 3D and Unreal Engine (to name but a few). These tools have opened the doors to the game development world and allowed anyone with a creative flare or technical ability to start making great looking games and visualisations.

The Game Asset Library was created by veteran game and VFX developers as a single consolidated library of exceptionally high quality, high performance game related assets, built to strict standards, which are provided at costs much lower than the typical cost of outsourcing.

Any assets provided by Game Asset Library will strictly adhere to a set of rules and creation practices to ensure asset consistency and quality is maintained. This way customers can be guaranteed a certain level of quality and consistency in their purchases and can buy products with confidence.

3D Models are created with performance in mind, keeping poly count to appropriate levels and ensuring draw calls are at a minimum. Detail is added where required, but not in places where it will be redundant. Models typically have 3 levels of detail so will scale very well with your chosen platform.

Textures are kept large allowing you to downsize for your target platform if required but keep high resolution on next generation platforms.
Materials are created to support both legacy shading systems and PBR workflow to provide very high levels of realism.